The top searches in 2022 for Mini Poms include: How much does a mini pom cost?. How ever one of the most important issues from our experience is how healthy a pom can be. We have seen this depends on the size of the pom. We need to remember that a mini pom is the smallest pom on the pomeranian breed. As pom breeders we recommend to focus on the health and not only of the beauty of a Pom. They are playful and love givers.

A mini pom price coudl go from 2.5 to 7 k. It will always depends on the line. Remember mini poms are the most little pomeranian. Therefore they are one type of pomeranian. However you do have german, russian and american lines. Every little supports with colors, structure and personality. Poms that come from a Russian line are more exotic, therefore colors are unique and very special. We are currently on a pom breed with poms that come from Russian line. 


 Poms weigth

According AKC there are multiple breeds of Pomerania. They could go from 3 to 7 pounds

Mini Poms Weight

The mini poms are on normally on the range of 4 to 6 pounds

Teacup Poms Weight

Teacup poms are smallest than the mini poms. Their weight are bellow 3 pounds.

Life expectancy

Poms life expectancy my vary from their size. AKC for example considers regulars Pomeranian with a life expectancy of 12 years.

Care for Poms

Poms, Mini Poms and Teacup Poms share something. in common. Grooming. They tend to be very playful therefore special care is needed for  their fluffy coat.