According to Google some of the top searches in 2022 for Isabella Fluffy are: How much does fluffy Frenchie cost?. How much is an Isabella carrier French bulldog?. What is a fluffy Frenchie mixed with?. What is Isabella French bulldog?. How much is an Isabella French bulldog?. We will provide quick answers from our experience.

An Isabella Fluffy  goes from 50k to 200k. It will always depend on the DNA and the breeder line.

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In simple words, if you are looking for a Isabella Fluffy, you are looking for the top Frenchie DNA. Isabella + Fluffy, in our perspective Isabella Fluffy is currently the new era of French Bulldogs.  Despite that, there are new lines of French Bulldogs upcoming such as, Husky pink fluffy Isabella French Bulldog

Husky pink fluffy Isabella French Bulldog, in our opinion, is in an introductory stage, therefore there is still some path to be walked, meaning many many years.

A Fluffy frenchie goes from 25k up to 50k. As stated before DNA test will be the one setting up an objective price. 

A Fluffy frenchie, is a French Bulldog, with double  long hair gene. This is one possible by a specific DNA could be L1 or L4.

A fluffy frenchie is NOT mixed with any other breed And that is precisely why the Fluffy frenchie is so special. There is a specific DNA that both parents of the french bulldog need to share in order to produce a fluffy frenchie. Is a unique DNA in terms of the type of fur.

An Isabella French bulldog is a bulldog whose color looks like gold but a bit darker. In this case we are not talking about the type of fur, but about the color.

A Isabella French bulldog goes from 20k to 35k. For exotic french bulldogs as the Isabella French we consider the very specific and unique color that can be visually admired. In our opinion the Isabella color is equal to luxury.

Isabella carrier French bulldog starts at 10k. It will depend on the DNA base of the French Bulldog. In order to avoid confusion we highly recommend investing in a DNA test.

French Bulldogs prices for Isabella Fluffy or Isabella Fluffy carriers are:

Isabella Fluffy French Bulldog

50k to 200k

Isabella French Bulldog

20k to 35k

Isabella Carrier French Bulldog

10k +

Fluffy French  Bulldog

25k to 50k

Fluffy Carrier French Bulldog

10k +