English bulldog it’s a gorgeous and beautiful dog breed, with its cute wrinkles, loving playful personality, and lovely appearance, but sometimes the can get a little smelly.

It really doesn’t matter whether he’s a little english bulldog puppy, or just a big adorable athletic meat ball, These English bulldogs cleaning tips will help you cleaning them through.

First of all, you will need to settle  a bathing schedule of one or a maximum of two baths per month, it’s very important to realize that English bulldog don’t need more baths than those. English bulldogs have a protective coat loaded with oils that will protect them, bathing them too often will make them loose these important natural oils, weakening their skin.

Here in dreamy bulldog we will give you some recommendations and tips for your little family integrant.

An important recommendation is to brush out their lovely coat two or three times a week, the English bulldog skin tends to be very sensitive, dreamy bulldog recommends to use a soft or a rounded bristles brush. First go against the grain, then with the grain. This will help remove dead hair and remaining nasty. If you don’t have time to brush them every day, just brush out him before his bath time. The English bulldog needs to get rid of old dead hair and dirt, these  will help you down the amount of dead hair that will remain in the bathtub or sink, it would  be much more easier to clean it after bath.

Dreamy English bulldog bath tips:

The truth is that bathing is necessary to prevent fleas, mites and fungi, these can cause dermatological diseases as scabies. And since this breed is prone to dermatological problems, bathing is really important.

1. If your Bulldog  is very dirty, you can always wash him on your garden or in another place outdoors. When it’s cold or raining, you should always bath him indoors, a bathtub or in a sink is just fine. If you bath your pet in the bathroom we recommend you to buy him a non-slip bathmat, these will make much safe and easy his bath.

2.  The water temperature should be slightly warm, temperature must be one degree or two higher than its body temperature. English bulldog temperature oscillates between 38.5º and 39.2º, water should be around 40º, this way, we will avoid skin burns, and also the temperature of the room should be warm to avoid caching a chill. (If you are using a bathtub, the water should remain at the level of their knees).

3. Prepare your bulldog. First of all brush his coat thoroughly to eliminate loose hairs. This will help you avoid bits of  dogs hair on your furniture or even your clothes,  delicately put a cotton ball in the ear canals,  this will help you  prevent water from entering the ear canals and  avoid ear infection, we also recommend to use an eye ointment to prevent any irritation on his eyes.

4. Wet your bulldog’s skin with a shower hose. We recommend you to start washing his body first, rinse under his wrinkles and folds very well, when it comes to his face it is always best to leave this part to the end to reduce the risk of water or shampoo falling on sensitive areas like eyes or ears.

5. Apply shampoo and rub thought your bulldog’s body.
You can always use a rubber pad to carve and on the inside of the front, a soft small brush for the back rooms will be perfect.  English bulldogscan’t clean their own tail, the tail you should be washed pretty well.

You can always use a rubber pad to carve and on the inside of the front, a soft small brush for the back rooms will be perfect.  English bulldogs can’t clean their own tail, the tail you should be washed pretty well.

6. Face cleaning: our recommendation is to do it with wet cloths, these works really good, remember to go around and under his nose wrinkles.

7.  Before applying the shampoo on his head, be sure to protect his eyes with your hand, rub the shampoo on his head face, don’t forget to clean under his nose wrinkles once again.

8. Protect your bulldog’s eyes before rinsing his face, once again under his nose wrinkles.

9. Remove with water the rest of the shampoo from yours pet body.

10. You can always use a towel to dry English bulldogs it’s very important to dry under his skiing folds and wrinkles,   you can use a hairdryer, he will love that, and also you will be removing dead hair remaining from his body.

11. Finally you must clean his ears, remove the cotton balls and clean both ears only through his visible area, you can use a cotton swab to clean well this part.


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