At dreamy bulldog ,we understand how much you care for your little english bulldog,  having a four leg friend is always and emotional experience ,its just another member of your family. having plans outdoors together will make him happier than ever.

Remember changing your dogs routine, will help him develop social and behavior skills. ! that for sure!

Miami is a very fun city, with its many beatiful beaches, attractions, great cuisine and nightlife, also it’s know for its pets friendly places. as english bulldog breeders located in miami we can give you a bunch of places for you and your little loved friend. to hang around.


Miami is sorrounded by beautiful beaches, sadly not all of them are pet friendly, there are a bunch of beaches you can enjoy with your lovely bulldog friend, dogs love to run in the sand, a good splash in the water to refresh himself just sounds awesome, remember running together always helps build a better connection between him and you, and it will keep both fit. Benches are always nice for a family pick nick, but don’t worry your little friend can enjoy your family pick nick too, yogurt popsicles are amazing, check this video click here.

Here at dreamy bulldog we recommend you a few beaches in miami:

Haulover beach park.

This is a very nice beach, is always good to see 2 different areas for small and big dogs, great for jogging, benchs for a family picnic, . Opens 8 am until sunset. Located at 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

Bark beach at north shore open space park.

A nice beach option, great for having some good time with your bulldog , you will find some exercise circuits and obstacules, he is just gonna feel wonderful , also is always nice to have a bunch of pet friendly outdoor seating resturants, grabing a bite with your little friend is always nice a few great restaurants nearby with pet-friendly outdoor seating. Located at 8232 Collins Ave.

Hobie island beach park.

This is the only beach in miami contuy dade tha is pet friendly ,its very known for its beatiful sidewalk, playing in the sand is relaxing for your dog , maybe catching a good wave too. Located at 3501 Riceknbacker Cswy , Key Biscayne.

South pointe park

This beach is perfect for a bike ride with your English bulldog, there a a few playgrounds for dogs to and also an off leash area , for your little pet to run. Located at 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach.

Pet friendly Parks

Parks are always wonderful places to take your dog, is great seeing him running and enjoying in a large area, breathing fresh air, getting in touch and playing along others dogs and people, it’s really relaxing for him.

Remember your bulldog needs exercise as well as we do , having a routine for him and you will be great., you can go for a run or a walk , unfortunately some breeds are a little aggressive with other dogs, if that’s your dog’s case we recommend you to walk along with him with its collar all time.

One of the many reasons we love english bulldogs, its because they are really great with kids and other dogs, it’s really a  friendly breed , they love to run and play  , they are really cute with little children , they love to play all the time and they just don’t seem to get enough , is amazing to see how your kids will develop skills of responsibility when taking care of their little pet, it’s always relaxing knowing that your dog is calm  around your children and other people, we highly recommend this amazing breed.

Here at dreamy bulldog we recommend a few  parks in miami:

Amelia earhart bark park

Perfect for having fun with your little pal and  family, what we love of this park  is the separate area for small dogs , you will find drinking fountains and  poop bag dispensers too, parking is free only a fee on weekends.

Haulover dog park

The beach is beautiful, the park is really nice and calm, it’s also very convenient for your car because of their dog showers, and sometimes dogs get a little dirt after playing.

This beach park allows pets form 8 am to 3m, parking is only 5 dollars the day, seven days a week.

Tropical park’s dog park

Nice park for having fun, plenty of space, it also has small and large dog section, also a great place for knowing people. Opens all day from 7 am to 10 pm, parking has a fee.

Margaret dog park

If your pet is really friendly what we love about this park is its option off on and off leash areas, perfect for letting your little friend spare his legs , benches perfect for family picnics , water fountains for your little friend too.

Open from 6 am to 8 pm for pets, although the park open 24 hrs. Parking fee.

David t. kennedy dog park

A lovely park also with a off lesh area , has a nice pets obstacles area divided for big and small dogs, great for training your dog.

Opens 24 hrs pets allowed from : 7 am to 8 pm

Pets friendly hotels in Miami:

Leaving your little bulldog friend at home sometimes can be hard, if you are planning to travel in miami , dreamy bulldog recommend this pet friendly hotels .

Epic hotel

Located at 270 biscayne boulevard way, this hotel allows big dogs , maximum of two pets.

Pullman miami airport hotel

Located at 5800 blue lagoon dr,this hotel allows  two pets up to 30 lbs for an additional fee of $25 per pet.

Hilton miami downtown

Located at 1601 biscayne blvd, miami, this hotel allows  two pets up to 75 lbs for an additional fee of $75 per stay.

La quinta inn and suits miami airpot west

Located at 8730 nw 27th st, miami,  this hotel allows big dogs , maximum of two pets.

 Pet friendly restaurants:

Now a days its more common to see people enjoying little moments with their pets , grabing a bite in a pet friendly restaurant is always a good plan, and with many menu options for him to choose. Dreamy bulldog give you some restaurants to take your little buddy with you.

Michael’s genuine food & drink

We love this restaurant , it has great food for you and for your little friend some organic  baked doggie biscuits.

Lokal burgers & bee

If you and your English bulldog  are meet lovers , this is a nice restaurant for grabing a beer and a good hamburguer, your pet can order some meatloaf or chiken , he will love it .

Shake shack 

If your are desert lover you will love this place, perfect for taking your bulldog out for a delicious moment , you want to make him happy , this place is well known for its delicioous dog sundae with vainilla, peanut butter sauce and a helthy dog biscuit . !nice combination!.

Spa day

Believe it or not , sometimes dogs can get stressed , maybe you feel your little bulldog tense , miami offers some dog spas , a good massage could make him feel really god.

Hope this little post helped you, if you need more tips for your bulldog check our blog.


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