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We are a small family breeder located in Florida, we are specialized in exotic bulldogs, maintaining quality and most of all good health, we are devoted to this beautiful breed not only for their gorgeous appearance but mainly for their lovely personality, tenderness, and faithful love, our passion for English Bulldogs began many years ago, where are not a kennel.

We have raised beautiful puppies, of different colors, recognized by AKC, which has marked our legacy as little family breeders.

On our website you will find many of our happy and satisfied customers inside and outside the country who have found their new family member at dreamy bulldog.

Our stud

Our stud is a remarkable  English bulldog called twilight, not only has a beautiful looking and good heath, they parents and grandparents came from the best bulldog kennels all over the country, recognized for their knowledge as AKC color English bulldog breeders with decades of experience on this amazing breed.

What is dog’s pedigree

The pedigree it’s the biological ancestry of a dog, it’s a certificate which allow us to verify if our dog it’s a pure blood, this mean that a bulldog with pedigree has certain characteristics of its race that differentiate it from the rest, also that it has only parents of their own breed, dog pedigree requires a minimum of 3 or more generations without cross breading.

Every dog pedigree is registered in an association (AKC), all the data and information is available.

AKC or American kennel club is the world’s largest and oldest not-for-profit all-breed registry, with more than 180 recognized breeds and counting.

Twilight pedigree

His parents, grandparents and great grandparents come from the best color AKC English bulldogs all over the country:

Czar Color me bad: known for them beautiful studs, czar is the grand parent of twilight, it’s a 62lbs, 14.5″, AKC, Lilac Tri Merle

Stud Fee: 5k. 

check out some czars productions

Adelaide Rare bulldogs:  known for their color AKC English bulldogs, blue Adelaide is the great grand dam of Twilight.

West coast Shrink bulls: known for their rare colored black tri AKC, blue English bulldogs, twig lights grand dam,

Black diamond: known for their beautiful tri colored English bulldogs, Twilight grandparent.

AKC bulldog color chat


Is a lilac fawn merle, he is small compact big head rope, he has beautiful blue eyes, also is a triple carrier and ay/at, if you are looking for quality, structure and color, twilight is the ONE.

If you want to breed the best colored English AKC bulldogs, you definitely have to take a shot with Twilight.

If you need more information and prices about twilight stud contract please click here.


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