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fun activities with your bulldog.

At dreamy bulldog ,we understand how much you care for your little english bulldog,  having a four leg friend is always and emotional experience ,its just another member of your…

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Bringing home a new English bulldog puppy

Bringing home your new family member is always gonna be an emotional experience, full of fun, love and tenderness, but don’t forget is also about caring and responsibility.

Your lovely little bulldog entering your house for the first time, will be one of the most memorable memories you could experience. Make that moment perfect. The whole family has to be together to enjoy it.

Here at dreamy bulldogs we will give you some tips to make your little friend feel comfortable, safe and happy on his new home. It’s important to realize that puppy’s environment it’s crucial to his training.  ! But don’t worry we will help you through this lovely experience!


Sleeping time

The sleeping place for your baby bulldog it’s very important, make sure everything is set up for his arrival, whether is inside or outside the house.

Indoors: we recommend a warm, fresh and quiet room, if it’s possible in a little area where he can explore it.

bed size: we recommend a bed not too big, this will make him feel much warmer, remember this is his zone and puppy’s sleep a lot. It’s important for him to feel safe and comfortable.

Outdoors: If your little buddy is going to be sleeping outside, it’s important for you to have the perfect kennel, has to be rain and wind proof, and most important it must have a good insolation against cold.

Food and drinking bowls 

Here at dreamy bulldog we use food and water easy clean bowls made of stainless steel or ceramic with a heavy base, puppies tend to chew their bowls, and those tooth marks can become a nest of bacteria. If they are heavier, it’s going to be more difficult for your little playful friend to turn them.

Food and water 

Your English bulldog puppy arriving at his new home is going to be a big change for him. One of the best things you can do for him is to give him the same food he was taking until now. That will make your new friend feel more comfortable and safer. A few days after you can decide what kind of food you want to give him. If you mix the new food with the old one little by little over a week, you can easily change the diet of your dog to what you decide is better.   At dreamy bulldogs we recommend our customers to get their English bulldogs puppy’s used to meal times. It’s better to feed your little buddy at the same hours, it’s really important to give him the exact amount of food, this will help you all the way through his toilet training.


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