who are we?

We are dreamers, but the key difference with other dreams is that we are able to make them true. Yes! We are able, and we have demonstrated it to our loyal family of clients. But, how do we convert dreams in reality? Well, there is no secret. You just have to see our dreamy English Bulldog and French Bulldog puppies and the incredible accessories that have design for them.

In terms of our puppies, our puppies are not regular puppies. They are the cutest members of our family. If you are wondering, how do they look so so cute. Well the answers is easy, we LOVE them, we CARE of them and treat them as one of our baby child. Through the years we have seen and experience the most amazing moments with them: when they are born, their first steps, their first barks, their first runs, their first toys, their first our fits and their new families. Every adventure of our little dreamy English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs have come accompanied by little details which had make incredible pictures.

Let’s be honest, we LOVE to see our cutie babies even cutest. Therefore, we decided to create and design beautiful, unique, handcrafted accessories as collars, harnesses and leashes not only for English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs but for every puppy around the world. We have developed a style for every puppy as we know that they all have different personalities.

Enjoy our dreamy world and make real your dreams with us!

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Finance your French bulldog and / or English bulldog